Why I think illegal voting is not happening

You’re looking at a precinct map for Oklahoma County, with each precinct color-coded to match my results in the general election last fall when I ran for County Clerk. I’m a Libertarian and was on the ballot under my party label facing a Republican who had defeated the incumbent in the primary. The red, gold, yellow and tan mark the precincts where the other guy got more votes than I did, in varying degrees. The blues and purples mark the areas where I came out ahead.

That other guy won, but I received 89,019 votes. That was 36.43% of the total and 5,538 more votes than were cast for LP presidential candidate Gary Johnson across the entire state. To achieve that kind of result on a very tiny budget was very gratifying. However, it should be noted that the precincts where I did well were in areas where there are a lot of Democrats. Since there was no Democrat in my race, a lot of those folks voted for me just because I was facing a Republican. To examine this a little further, I looked at my results compared to the results for Anastasia Pittman, a Democrat who ran for Court Clerk against a Republican.

Comparing the two maps, you can see that in some of the areas where I out-polled my opponent, I trailed Pittman by a lot. She’s currently a state Senator, and most of those spots are in her district. There were ten precincts, out of 256 or so, where I received the same or more votes than she did. In two precincts I tied Pittman and beat my opponent, but it ought to be noted that there were just 3 votes cast in one and only two in the other.

You may be wondering what a dissection of the results of my County Clerk race has to do with illegal voting. Well, I’m just a little old Libertarian from Oklahoma, and you can see how much effort I put in to examining who voted where, for whom, and why. I could add even more maps that look at other aspects, but there’s no need to belabor the point. There are tens of thousands of people all across the country who are political consultants, strategists, candidates, party officials, or otherwise interested in the details of the process and the outcome who are picking apart the returns in as much or more detail than I. Voter registration lists are minutely inspected in contested races. Opposing sides scratch and claw for any advantage they can get. The notion that large numbers of non-citizens could be voting and no one among the hordes of people mining the data for local and state elections would figure it out is absurd.

A good example that illegal voting does get discovered without federal investigations was the defeat of Bob Dornan by Loretta Sanchez in California’s 38th Congressional District. The Dornan campaign figured out that there was some illegal participation, ultimately found to total 748 votes. However, Sanchez’ margin of victory was 984 votes, so the results were not overturned. It should be noted that that took place twenty years ago, in 1996, prior to the tightening of the rules under the 2002 Help America Vote act.

No one disputes that LBJ may have won his first election by stuffing a ballot box, or that for decades the dead were a powerful voting bloc in Chicago, or that Tammany Hall and Boss Tweed existed. But if patently ridiculous claims, such as that 3 million illegal immigrants voted, were true then there would be local candidates and consultants raising a stink about it wherever it happened. There’s really only one person and his acolytes who seem to be saying anything, and it turns out that several of them are registered in two states.




Chris is a former chair of the Oklahoma Libertarian Party and in 2018 was the first LP nominee for Governor in the state.

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Chris Powell

Chris Powell

Chris is a former chair of the Oklahoma Libertarian Party and in 2018 was the first LP nominee for Governor in the state.

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