Who is on your presidential ballot?

Your guide to who is on presidential ballots across the country.

Everybody knows about Donald and Joe but when you actually get your ballot you’ll see some other names as well. With the LP achieving full ballot access for the sixth time Jo Jorgensen becomes the first woman to be on ballots in all 50 states plus DC twice(she was the LP candidate for Vice-President in 1996). In addition to Jorgensen, Biden, and Trump there are 40 jurisdictions where voters will see the name of at least one other candidate in print. Look below to see who is where.

Alaska — 7 candidates
In addition to Jorgensen, Trump, and Biden, Alaskans will have the opportunity to choose Don Blankenship of the Constitution Party, Alliance Party nominee Rocky De La Fuente, or Brock Pierce running Independent as well as the Green Party nominee but it’s not Howie Hawkins, in Alaska that’ll be James G. Janos, AKA Jesse Ventura.

Washington — 6 candidates
Along with Biden, Jorgensen, and Trump the Washington ballot will have Hawkins for the Greens, Socialism & Liberation’s Gloria La Riva, and Socialist Workers Party nominee Alyson Kennedy. The Constitution, Alliance, and American Solidarity Parties also submitted petitions but Washington prohibits voters from signing more than one petition and found enough duplicates to disqualify these three, although they did not account for which petition each voter signed first which should count.

Oregon — 5 candidates
Joining the main three, Trump, Jorgensen, and Biden, will be Howie Hawkins representing the Pacific Green Party as well as Dario Hunter, nominated by the Progressive Party. Hunter sought the Greens’ nomination, coming in second to Hawkins, but alleged bias on the part of the party organization and vowed to continue his presidential campaign.

California — 6 candidates
Biden, Jorgensen, Trump and who else? Hawkins of the Green Party and Peace and Freedom’s Gloria La Riva as well as Rocky De La Fuente representing the American Independent Party, the last remaining affiliate of the party formed to support George Wallace’s 1968 presidential campaign, and Rocky’s running mate will be Kanye West who is on the ballot in several other states for the top spot. Four years ago the AIP nominated Donald Trump and the mishandling of that cross-nomination led to him having 108 electors for 55 electoral votes.

Arizona — 3 candidates
Only Kanye West has submitted a petition to get on the Arizona presidential ballot, turning in almost 60 thousand signatures, but he was challenged because of being registered Republican in Wyoming which past practice has demonstrated to be irrelevant but the Arizona Supreme Court created a technical flaw with his electors, which was not part of the original challenge, and thus have ruled against his candidacy. It’s dirty, and it leaves Arizona voters with just Biden, Jorgensen, and Trump.

Utah — 9 candidates
In addition to Jorgensen, Trump, and Biden, Utah voters will have the opportunity to choose Green nominee Howie Hawkins, Don Blankenship of the Constitution Party, Socialism & Libertarian’s Gloria La Riva(listed without her party label), or one of three Independent candidates, Joe McHugh, Brock Pierce, or Kanye West.

Nevada — 4 candidates
No petitions were successful in Nevada to get any additional presidential candidates on the ballot. Jorgensen, Biden, and Trump as well as Constitution Party nominee Don Blankenship as the CP was already qualified in the state. The Green Party intended to sue but was unable to follow through on that plan.

Idaho — 7 candidates
Biden, Jorgensen, and Trump but also Don Blankenship for the state recognized Constitution Party along with Rocky De La Fuente, Brock Pierce, and Kanye West. The latter three qualified by the Independent candidate petition. West had to survive a court challenge that argued he couldn’t be on the ballot as an Independent in Idaho because he is a registered Republican in Wyoming, a situation similar to that of many other alternative presidential candidate over the years that has never before even been used to try to prevent someone from running.

Montana — 3 candidates
Kanye West’s petition was ruled to not contain enough signatures and the Green Party was kicked off after the state held a primary for them when the Democrats challenged their petition. They haven’t lost yet but it won’t be resolved in time to get them back on the ballot for 2020. Big Sky Country voters’ ballots will have Jorgensen, Biden, and Trump on them, and no more.

Wyoming — 4 candidates
The Constitution Party has ballot access in Wyoming and their nominee, Don Blankenship, was set to compete in the state along with the ever-present Trump, Biden, and Jorgensen, but they had a very minor paperwork error which the state is employing to prevent him from being on the ballot. Independent Brock Pierce was able to successfully petition, so there will be four candidates to pick from in the Cowboy State.

Colorado —21 candidates
Biden, Trump, Jorgensen, and a host of other candidates are possible choices for voters in Colorado. Howie Hawkins is on for the Greens as is Dario Hunter who ran against Hawkins for the GP nomination and is running under the Progessive label. Also running are Don Blankenship of the Constitution Party, Bill Hammons of the Unity Party, the Approval Voting Party’s Blake Huber, Rocky de la Fuente under banner of the Alliance Party, Kyle Kopitke of the Independent American Party, Socialist Workers nominee Alyson Kennedy, Prohibition Party nominee Phil Collins(not that one), Brian Carroll representing the American Solidarity Party, Socialism & Liberation’s Gloria La Riva, and Joseph Kishore for Socialist Equality, as well as unaffiliated candidates Kanye West, Brock Pierce, Joe McHugh, Princess Khadijah Jacob-Fambro, Jordan ‘Cancer’ Scott, and Mark Charles. An additional four candidates did not pay the $1000 fee to have their names printed but did file for write-in status.

New Mexico — 6 candidates
Joining Jorgensen, Trump, and Biden on the ballot in the Land of Enchantment will be Hawkins for the Greens, the Party for Socialism & Liberation nominee Gloria La Riva, and instead of Don Blankenship it will be Sheila ‘Samm’ Tittle for the Constitution Party.

Texas — 4 candidates
Although there are numerous write-in candidates that have filed in Texas, the state only recognizes four parties and it is nearly as difficult to get status as an Independent as it is for a new party. Only Howie Hawkins will be listed along with Biden, Jorgensen, and Trump. There was a dispute over filing fees with the Democrats trying to get down-ballot Green candidates kicked off the ballot and the Republicans tried to do the same thing to Libertarians. In both cases the courts prevented these efforts from prevailing and preserved voter choice.

Oklahoma — 6 candidates
In addition to the main three choices, Oklahomans will be able to vote for three others. Jade Simmons, Brock Pierce, and Kanye West all filed by paying a $35,000 fee, an option available for the first time in the state, breaking a run from 1992 to 2016 when Sooners had the fewest choicest for president of anyone in the country.

Kansas — 3 candidates
The only campaign to attempt a petition to get on the ballot in Kansas was that of Hawkins, and they were unable to get enough signatures. Thus, Kansas will only have the nominees of the three recognized parties, Trump, Biden, and Jorgensen.

Nebraska — 3 candidates
There are three qualified parties in Husker land, and no petitions were submitted for Independent presidential candidates. Biden, Jorgensen, and Trump will be the only presidential candidates with their names printed on state ballots.

South Dakota — 3 candidates
South Dakota requires a petition with signatures equal to 1% of the number of people who voted in the last gubernatorial election but nobody was able to do that. South Dakota voters are limited to Donald Trump(R), Joe Biden(D), and Jo Jorgensen(L) for president. The state also does not allow write-in votes.

North Dakota — 3 candidates
Only the three political parties recognized by the state will be on the ballot in North Dakota. That’s the Democrats, the GOP, and the Libertarians, so voters in the Peace Garden State will see the names of Trump, Biden, and Jorgensen on election day.

Minnesota — 9 candidates
Jorgensen, Trump, and Biden are joined by Howie Hawkins, in this case nominated by the Legal Marijuana Party but still listed as a Green, Rocky De La Fuente with Independence-Alliance as his label, Gloria La Riva representing the Party for Socialism & Liberation, Socialist Workers nominee Alyson Kennedy, and Independents Kanye West and Brock Pierce.

Iowa — 9 candidates
Biden, Jorgensen, and Trump are the main three, but Iowans will also have Hawkins(G), Blankenship(C), De La Fuente representing the Alliance Party, Brock Pierce and Kanye West both as unaffiliated, and under the Genealogy Know Your Family History label will be Ricki Sue King and her cousin Dayna R. Chandler. King will be the first African-American woman on the general election ballot for President in the state and making that history was her motivation, she wants you to vote but not for her, for the candidate of your choice.

Missouri — 5 candidates
Jorgensen, Trump, and Biden will be joined by Blankenship for the Constitution Party as well as Hawkins for the Greens. All five parties were already qualified, no presidential petition effort was successful in the Show-Me State this year.

Arkansas — 12 candidates
Naturally the Natural State will have Biden, Jorgensen, and Trump but there’ll be several others. Hawkins for the Greens, Blankenship of the Constitution Party, Socialism & Liberation’s Gloria La Riva, American Solidarity nominee Brian Carroll, and John Richard Myers for the Life and Liberty Party as well as Rocky De La Fuente, Kanye West, Brock Pierce, and C L Gammon listed as Independents. Gammon is a Prohibition Party member and had stepped down in favor of Phil Collins(not that one) for the drys but is still listed in the top spot in Arkansas.

Louisiana — 13 candidates
There will be a lot of options in Louisiana. Trump, Jorgensen and Biden are the ever-present three. Don Blankenship will be representing the Constitution Party, Socialism & Libertarian has Gloria La Riva, American Solidarity offers Brian Carroll, Alyson Kennedy is on the Socialist Worker’s ticket, Bill Hammons represents the Unity Party, the CUP has R. Boddie, Jade Simmons has the Becoming One Nation label, it’s the Birthday Party for Kanye West, Life Liberty Constitution is Tom Hoefling’s label, and Brock Pierce chose Freedom and Prosperity as a party name. Absent is Howie Hawkins, the Green Party has ballot status but a mishap with filing kept their candidate off.

Mississippi — 9 candidates
Along with Jorgensen, Trump, and Biden, Mississippians will have Green nominee Hawkins, Blankenship (Constitution), and Brian Carroll representing the American Solidarity Party along with Independents Kanye West and Brock Pierce as well as Phil Collins(not that one), the nominee of the Prohibition Party, listed on the ballot as an Independent.

Alabama — 3 candidates
Only the Libertarians were able to complete the petition to get their presidential candidate on the ballot in the Yellowhammer State, so ‘Bama voters will only have Jorgensen, Trump, and Biden printed on their ballots.

Georgia — 3 candidates
Ballot access in Georgia is notoriously difficult. The only alternative candidates to make it on for the presidential race in the last twenty years have been the Libertarians. It’ll be that way again as Jorgensen, Biden, and Trump will be the printed names to choose from.

Florida — 7 candidates
Biden, Trump, and Jorgensen will be on the ballot alongside Hawkins for the Greens, Don Blankenship of the Constitution Party, Rocky De La Fuente under the Reform label, and Socialism & Liberation nominee Gloria La Riva which is a surprise as it would seem to conflict with state law requiring parties to be recognized by the FEC to place a candidate for president on the ballot.

South Carolina — 5 candidates
When Jade Simmons’ petition failed it meant no Independent would get on the ballot in the Palmetto State. Trump, Biden, and Jorgensen’s competition will be Hawkins for the Greens and De La Fuente under the Alliance Party label.

North Carolina — 5 candidates
The Tar Heel State requires petitions for Independent presidential candidates to be submitted by March 3rd, a deadline that was upheld in a very questionable decision back in July. Only the five parties already on the ballot in North Carolina will be fielding candidates so they will see Howie Hawkins and Don Blankenship along with Jorgensen, Trump, and Biden.

Virginia — 4 candidates
Despite a court ruling cutting the signature requirement in half, neither the Greens nor the Constitution Party submitted a petition to get their candidates on the presidential ballot. The only other campaign that will appear with Biden, Trump, and Jorgensen will be that of Kanye West who was not a party to the lawsuit and did not ask to be included in the relief but instead successfully met the unreduced requirement.

Tennessee — 9 candidates
Tennessee requires only 275 signatures for Independent presidential candidates but of the eleven campaigns making the attempt five of them failed to do so successfully. Along with Biden, Jorgensen, and Trump voters in the Volunteer State will see Hawkins, Blankenship, De La Fuente, La Riva, Kennedy, and West on their ballots.

Kentucky — 5 candidates
Brock Pierce and Kanye West submitted petitions to be able to be listed as Independents in the Bluegrass State. Biden, Trump, and Jorgensen will be listed with their party labels as those are the three parties recognized by Kentucky.

Illinois — 6 candidates
Thanks to a good court ruling earlier this year, the LP and the Greens did not have to petition in Illinois and other parties saw a reduction in the number of signatures needed. Nevertheless there were campaigns that didn’t meet the requirement, among those being Kanye West’s which otherwise would have had they not been challenged by Democrats. The end result is that the state’s presidential ballot will include Brian Carroll of the American Solidarity Party, Gloria La Riva for Socialism & Liberation, and Green nominee Howie Hawkins along with the main three, Trump, Jorgensen, and Biden.

Indiana — 3 candidates
Only three candidates will be on the Indiana presidential ballot for the fifth election in a row. Nearly 45 thousand signatures would have been required by June 30th to qualify anyone else. Jorgensen, Trump, and Biden will be the choices offered to Hoosier voters.

Ohio — 4 candidates
Jorgensen, Biden, and Trump of course, but the petition of Kanye West wasn’t even reviewed due to a technical flaw. One other candidate was Richard Duncan who has been on only the Ohio ballot in every election since 2008. He gathers the necessary signatures in order to ensure there is a non-party option for the voters of his state. But this year he gave up his spot to Howie Hawkins of the Green Party who will be the fourth candidate in Ohio. However, we do expect to see some write-in votes for Duncan.

Michigan — 6 candidates
Michiganders will have six choices for president on their general election ballot. Along with Jorgensen, Biden and Trump, the Constitution Party’s Don Blankenship and William Mohr will be on under the US Taxpayers label, the Natural Law Party will have the Alliance/Reform ticket of Rocky de la Fuente and Darcy Richardson, and the Green Party will have the Green nominees Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker.

Wisconsin — 5 candidates
Biden, Trump, and Jorgensen will be joined by Brian Carroll of the American Solidarity Party and Constitution Party nominee Don Blankenship. Kyle Kopitke filed a declaration of candidacy but submitted no signatures. The petitions of Kanye West and Howie Hawkins were challenged by Democrats, West’s for untimely filing due to it being received just after the deadline and Hawkins’ for a failure to properly record his VP candidate Angela Walker’s address on the petitions as she moved during the process.

West Virginia — 4 candidates
Despite being a resident of the Mountaineer State, it appears that Don Blankenship made no effort to get on the ballot here. The Mountain Party, affiliated with the Greens, has maintained status in WV for many years. The result is that the four choices here will be Hawkins along with Trump, Biden, and Jorgensen.

Maryland — 5 candidates
Biden, Trump, Jorgensen and who else? In Maryland it will be Howie Hawkins for the Greens and Jerry Segal representing the Bread & Roses Party which as of now only has status in the Old Line State. The Working Class Party is also ballot-qualified in Maryland but is not running a presidential candidate.

Pennsylvania — 3 candidates
There was no challenge to the Libertarian petition but that of the Green Party was challenged over technicalities by Democrats with the end result being that Howie Hawkins was removed. Voters in the Keystone State will be limited to three choices: Trump, Biden, and Jorgensen.

Delaware — 4 candidates
Howie Hawkins appears on the Delaware ballot as the nominee of the Greens alongside Biden, Trump, and Jorgensen. Rocky De La Fuente’s American Delta Party that he created for 2016 is still ballot qualified here but missed the deadline to nominate him.

New Jersey — 8 candidates
The Garden State has eight options in the presidential race for voters. Joining Trump, Biden and Jorgensen are Hawkins, Blankenship, De La Fuente with the Alliance label, Gloria La Riva representing the Socialism & Libertarian Party, and Bill Hammons of the Unity Party. Kanye West also petitioned but rescinded his petition in the face of a challenge.

New York — 5 candidates
No Independent candidates submitted petitions to get on the ballot in the Empire State but the Independence Party chose to nominate Brock Pierce so he will get their ballot line, which went to Gary Johnson in 2016 as New York allows candidates to be nominated by more than one party and be listed multiple times on the ballot. Hawkins will be listed for the Greens, Jorgensen will represent the LP, the Democrats will have Biden who is also the Working Families choice, and Trump will be on for the Republicans and the Conservative Party. The SAM Party is not nominating anyone.

Connecticut — 4 candidates
No petitions were submitted, despite the required number of signatures being reduced, for any additional candidates to be placed on the Nutmeg State ballot. The Greens were already recognized so Howie Hawkins will appear with Biden, Jorgensen, and Trump.

Rhode Island — 6 candidates
Jorgensen, Trump, and Biden will see their names printed on ballots in Rhode Island along with Rocky De La Fuente with the Alliance label, Socialism & Libertarian’s Gloria La Riva, and American Solidarity nominee Brian Carroll. The Greens are recognized in the state but the party did not want to run a presidential candidate, so Hawkins petitioned with the ‘Independent Left’ label and fell 103 signatures short.

Massachusetts — 4 candidates
No statewide petitions for either Senate or President were even attempted this year. The Greens already had status, so Hawkins will be present on ballots in the Bay State along with Trump, Biden, and Jorgensen.

Vermont — 21 candidates
The state of Vermont chose to not require any petitioning at all this year due to COVID-19 and not surprisingly will have quite a few presidential candidates on their ballot. Biden, Trump, and Jorgensen are the ever-present trio but also appearing are Hawkins (Green), Blankenship (Constitution), De La Fuente (Alliance), La Riva (Liberty Union), Carroll (American Solidarity), Kennedy (Socialist Workers), Segal (Bread and Roses), Collins (Prohibition), Huber (Approval Voting), Keith McCormic (Bull Moose), H. Brooke Paige (Grumpy Old Patriots), Gary Swing (Boiling Frog), Brock Pierce listed as Unaffiliated, Kanye West (Independent), Kyle Kopitke (Independent), Christopher LaFontaine (Independent), Richard Duncan (Independent) and Zachary Scalf (Independent). That’s a total of 21.

New Hampshire — 3 candidates
It was hard to get on the ballot in the Granite State. Only the LP was able to meet the petition requirement, reduced due to the pandemic. New Hampshire voters will find the names of Jo Jorgensen, Donald Trump, and Joe Biden, and no others, on their presidential ballot.

Maine — 5 candidates
The Green Party already had status, so Howie Hawkins didn’t need to gather signatures. The Libertarians, on the other hand, lost status and were unable to regain recognition even though part of the process in which the registration of Libertarian voters was changed was ruled unconstitutional. However, the LP was able to gather enough signatures to qualify Jo Jorgensen, as was the Alliance Party for Rocky de la Fuente. If the court challenge to RCV is thrown out Mainers will be able to use ranked-choice voting and it’ll be interesting to see how they rate their five choices.

Hawaii — 6 candidates
Trump, Jorgensen, and Biden will be joined by Hawkins for the Greens, the Constitution Party’s nominee Blankenship, and Independent Brock Pierce who was nominated by the American Shopping Party which is officially recognized by Hawaii. The Aloha Aina Party is also recognized but did not nominate a presidential candidate.

D.C. — 6 candidates
Socialism & Libertarian’s Gloria La Riva as well as Brock Pierce are listed as Independents on the DC ballot and the Greens have nominee Howie Hawkins so with Biden, Jorgensen, and Trump voters in the district will have six to choose from.

Chris is a former chair of the Oklahoma Libertarian Party and in 2018 was the first LP nominee for Governor in the state.

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