Careful observation of the race for the Libertarian nomination for President has led me to decide to endorse Jo Jorgensen to be the LP standard bearer in the 2020 election. Jo possesses the appropriate credentials both in her professional capacity and as a Libertarian. Jo’s campaign has the right approach to use the election to build the party for the future. And Jo has the communication skills and style of presentation that will have a positive impact on tens of millions of voters. In a campaign filled so far with funny hats and antagonistic activists, Jo is the qualified, credible, and compelling candidate we need.

My criteria for evaluating candidates is pragmatic. I want someone who will present a Libertarian message, which in my view is to propose policies that will increase individual liberty rather than being a litmus test of agreeing precisely with my view on this or that particular issue or program. I want that person to be someone who will not be automatically dismissed by average voters because of something unrelated to being a Libertarian or due to an inability or unwillingness to make liberty appealing to the general public. And my candidate needs to be prepared not just to win but also to be able to accomplish worthy goals regardless of winning or losing. In the presidential nomination race only Jo Jorgensen fits the bill.

Jo Jorgensen has been a Libertarian longer than anyone else in the race. No other candidate has a better resume. Her campaign will produce a larger and more influential LP that will be better positioned to reduce government and increase liberty. And Jo is the candidate that no Libertarian will be reluctant to talk about with their Democrat and Republican friends, you can take Jo home to Mom without worry.

If you want the Libertarian Party presidential nominee to have the experience, the resume, and the vision to put us in better position to advance liberty you may have been put off by candidates who seem to be driven by their own ego, reliant upon a gimmicky or less than serious approach, or have not been a national figure in the LP until recently deciding they should be our presidential candidate. You ought to consider supporting the most qualified candidate who has the broadest appeal and will focus on building the LP for tomorrow.
Jo Jorgensen is the presidential nominee we need now

Chris is a former chair of the Oklahoma Libertarian Party and in 2018 was the first LP nominee for Governor in the state.

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